Web Deploy 3.6 installed from Web Platform Installer – Features missing

.Net, IIS, Windows Server
Having issues setting up Web Deploy 3.8 on IIS 7.5 for 2008R2? I feel your pain. I was installing Web Deploy 3.6 via the Web Platform Installer (WPI) onto IIS 7 on Server 2008 R2, all seemingly goes smoothly, but the interface options in IIS manager don't show up. After much investigation, I go to Programs and Features, and see Web Deploy 3.6, right-click and choose change, and here's what I see: Turns out WPI installs it without all the features you'd actually need to deploy software from Visual Studio! The deployment handler is not installed by default. I added these features and┬ácompleted install. After reboot, still can't deploy, get an error. Other issues with Wb Deploy 3.6 forced me to uninstall the version installed from WebPlatform Installer and install…
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CLR Profiler

Hi! I dug in a little today to learn about memory leaks in .Net, I have a 1.1 application that was sucking up memory. I found this link for MSDN TV, the Microsoft employee in it spends 15 minutes demonstrating the CLR profiling tool, was actually useful and informative. If you have a slow or memory intensive app, give it a try. The 'others also downloaded' links at the bottom lead to the 1.1 and 2.0 CLR profilers. Here's the link
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