Get your Public IP and Geographic Data with PowerShell

  Always fascinated by what can be done very tersely with PowerShell. I saw an interesting tip on that gives the geopraphic info on a given public IP. They had a post I dug up a couple years back that determines your public IP dynamically, so I connected the Lego blocks... here is a script that determines your public IP and tells you where you are, using a web page and a REST API. [codesyntax lang="powershell"] #Determine Public IP Dynamically $ipaddress = (Invoke-WebRequest '' -UseBasicParsing).Content $infoService = "$ipaddress" #Get Geographic Data based on my IP $geoip = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -URI $infoService $geoip.Response #As a One-Liner (Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -URI "$(Invoke-WebRequest '' -UseBasicParsing)").Response [/codesyntax]  
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